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*Gregg – Award winning joke writer, and Founder and Creator of Free Stuffin.  For his “real” job, Gregg works with businesses, helping them to lower their expenses.  In other words, he helps business Schnorr for a living.  For inquiries about Free Stuffin, you can email  gregg @ freestuffin.com

*Ed Ed launched the national Trivia craze in 1965 and has co-authored many books with Dan Carlinsky.  He was the manager of both Sha Na Na and Genesis. Currently he’s an administrator in at NYU Steinhardt where he conducts informal schnorring seminars.   Please Check out Ed’s Blog Sports Psalms.  Not to be missed!

*Michael– Michael is a pharmacist and author of “The Essental Guide to Generic Drugs” (Harper&Row), “The Sexual Pharmacy” (NAL), and “The Dieter’s Pharmacy” (St. Martin’s Press).  When not writing or working, he is consumed with getting something for nothing.

Griffin – Born into a community of generous givers in Portland, OR, Griffin Goins quickly learned how to receive. He adopted a certain helplessness that, to this day, keeps him heartily fed in any surrounding. You can find Griffin living in a VW van in Someguy’s backyard in Venice Beach, CA, where he pays what he considers to be too much rent although it’s the cheapest he’s found in LA County. Griffin is a trained journalist who pays unflinchingly for the first date—technically the second if you count The Walk—but goes Dutch on subsequent dates not counting annual anniversaries.

Matt – Matt is our intern (wintern). He is an NYU student, a fledgling actor (he was this close to getting the lead in Julia and Julia), and a writer (he can drink Hemingway under the table) . The mean streets of Long Island have made him savvy and he is here to divulge some of his wisdom.

Zak – This former stand-up comedian has written for a couple websites, but recently has just snarkily posted comments on the work of others.  Figuring he’d break the monotony, he is now contributing to Free Stuffin.  His claim to fame is that he once went two M-F
intervals in a row only eating office leftovers

Manish – Manish hails from Kolkata, India.  I found him on this site called Elance.  He does pretty good work, and most importantly, was very inexpensive.  Part of the low price meant that I had to put his bio here.  If you would like a talented web developer, email Manish at sales@phpwebsitedesigners.com.  His website is www.phpwebsitedesigners.com

Ryan – Ryan is a Graphic Designer & Package Designer who is currently studying at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City.  He frequently does freelance for various companies and you can view his work at www.behance.net/ryanirven, and email him at ryan.irven@gmail.com with any inquires.


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