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[ Written By : The Schnorrer | Sep 25, 2010 ]Tell-a-Friend Tell-a-Friend Print This Post Print This Post
Co-Worker is Eating My Lunch from Refrigerator – Help!

Dear Schnorrer,  A coworker from our building has been taking and eating people’s lunch from the office refrigerator.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s leftover chicken or a sandwich, it is eaten.  It’s not only me who this is happening to.  Other people on our floor have been having their lunches taken as well.  What do [...]

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[ Written By : The Schnorrer | Sep 24, 2010 ]Tell-a-Friend Tell-a-Friend Print This Post Print This Post
“Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity” Says The Schnorrer

The Schnorrer is a master of turning a sows ear into a BLT.  Did you know that waiters at most restaurant chains are given the green light to give a free dessert if a customer is unhappy with his meal?   No need for pesky manager approval.  Ergo, at such establishments, the Schnorrer always finds something [...]

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[ Written By : Gregg | Sep 22, 2010 ]Tell-a-Friend Tell-a-Friend Print This Post Print This Post
10 Fun and Free Date Activities

1. Feeding the Pigeons in your local park 2. Playing hide and seek in Home Depot 3. See who can get the fullest from the free chicken teriyaki samples at the mall food court 4. Watch a movie at Best Buy 5. Hang out in the parking lot of an outdoor concert.  Tailgating is FUN! [...]

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FREE Department Store Makeup Advice

Hi there nifty thrifties, I’m Frugalina! Nice to meet you, my new frugal friends! I’m a single young professional chica in NYC. I have a tiny studio apartment, a day job that I like but hasn’t as yet given me the opportunity to roll around on piles of money on my bed and drink Cristal [...]

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[ Written By : The Schnorrer | Sep 19, 2010 ]Tell-a-Friend Tell-a-Friend Print This Post Print This Post
Cheap Movie Tickets – Time Bandits

Do you know what they charge for a ticket at the movies these days?  A small pop corn?  An ice filled two sip coke?  It costs a mint and not a junior one at that.  It’s so prohibitively expensive to have to subsidize Tom Cruise’s career that the Schnorrer has taken his gloves off and [...]

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[ Written By : The Schnorrer | Sep 15, 2010 ]Tell-a-Friend Tell-a-Friend Print This Post Print This Post
The Schnorrer becomes the Schnorree

Dear Schnorrer, Just wanted to share this story to get some insights.  One of my good friend who lives out in San Diego came to NYC on a business trip. When he told me that he was coming here, he asked if we could meet up.  To which I thought……yes, a free dinner.  I know [...]

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[ Written By : Gregg | Sep 14, 2010 ]Tell-a-Friend Tell-a-Friend Print This Post Print This Post
Free Gym Membership

Free Stuffin’s Guide to  GymNasty I’m going to start by getting this out of the way.  I HATE New York Sports Club, or any other gyms or services that make you join for a year when they know you will only go for a month and lose interest.  First I’ll start with the tip. Always [...]

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Never Pay for Extras

By Ben Never ever pay for extras when at a restaurant!  I happen to love peanut sauce with my pad tai, but so many places are just cheap.  They want to charge you extra for “extras”.  This includes peanut sauce, sauteed onions, extra salad dressing, tomato sauce, and many others.  Here is the way around [...]

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[ Written By : Gregg | Sep 6, 2010 ]Tell-a-Friend Tell-a-Friend Print This Post Print This Post
Discounted Software for College Student’s or NOT

A Schnorrer always tries his or her best to get something for free. When the option of free isn’t available, a Schnorrer always finds a way to get a price they are not entitled to. This holds true with software programs. I mean, who here wants to pay hundreds of dollars for a software program. College students are able to order highly discounted software programs through school affiliate programs. If you need MS word, photoshop or any other program, find a student, and ask them order it and pay them back.