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Free Stuffin is a community based website;  all built community around our shared values of schnorring.

In fact, we are the internet’s leading authority for both the art and science of schnorring.  If you would like to contribute, here is how:

Do you have a schnorring technique you’d like to share with the world?  Want to share a story of how your uncle get’s free stuff from people?  Let us know, and you’ll get a $25 Gift Certificate to restaurant.com for each published item.

Friends, we have developed a one-of-a-kind technology to bring schnorring to levels inconceivable.  Let’s say you are walking down the street, and you see a bakery giving out free cookies, or in the supermarket, they are giving out samples of anything, enter it in our database, and everyone within a 25 mile radius gets an email/text alert.  How sick is that?

Other examples could be:

  • Your building is having a roof party with FREE food and drink.  Guests are allowed
  • Starbucks is giving our free samples on 83rd and 2nd Ave
  • You are having a party and want people there
  • Strand Bookstore put out a Free Book Rack
  • First 100 on line, get a free Play station

For every 25 submissions, you get a $25 gift certificate to restaurant.com

As Ed Goodgold says: “To Schnorr is human, to boast about it, divine.”

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