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[ Written By : Guest | Jul 6, 2011 ]Tell-a-Friend Tell-a-Friend Print This Post Print This Post
Beauty on the Cheap

Beauty is a billion-dollar industry aimed at convincing us we need to smell like roses when we sweat.  Women long have borne the yolk of L’Oreal and Calvin Klein, but now they have company.  Men used to be able to opt out, but no longer.  With the advent of manscaping, guys are expected to shell out as much dough as girls for the right to look and smell like every other metrosexual.
But beauty can be had on the cheap.  You don’t need expensive gym memberships, makeup or surgeries to be …

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[ Written By : Frugalina | Sep 20, 2010 ]Tell-a-Friend Tell-a-Friend Print This Post Print This Post
FREE Department Store Makeup Advice

Hi there nifty thrifties, I’m Frugalina! Nice to meet you, my new frugal friends! I’m a single young professional chica in NYC. I have a tiny studio apartment, a day job that I like but hasn’t as yet given me the opportunity to roll around on piles of money on my bed and drink Cristal with rubies floating in the glass (in this economy, I’m grateful to have a job!), and a busy social calendar. I’m a girly girl, and I adore cosmetics. I won’t even leave my itty bitty …

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[ Written By : Gregg | Aug 3, 2010 ]Tell-a-Friend Tell-a-Friend Print This Post Print This Post
Proven Way of Getting the Best Deal!

This tip is soo simple, yet many of us simply don’t take advantage of it……..this is soo good, it’s worth a little scrolling
DRESS LIKE A SLOB!  There have been scientific studies that show that when purchasing a new car, don’t dress up – dress down. We are used to dressing up when heading out shopping for electronics, cars, and other big ticket items thinking that this way, we are taken more seriously.
When in truth, the salesperson wants to get thier commission, and we all know there is room for negotiations, but that …

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[ Written By : admin | May 17, 2010 ]Tell-a-Friend Tell-a-Friend Print This Post Print This Post
Get your Thrift On!

The world famous clothing swap party. Bring in your old clothes and stuff to donate to our rummage tables. Take home items free from our piles of booty. Free raffle of previously owned prizes. Contests, comedy, and mayhem too. DJ Shakey and Man “S” spin second-hand records and amuse you. The More You Party, the More You Save. Note to all vintage clothing store owners, pickers, flea marketers, and resellers of any kind: you are not welcome at this event, we are watching you, and you will be bounced.