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[Oct 14, 2010 | 3 Comments]
Olive Garden – Treat Them Like Family

The Olive Garden tells us that when we are there, treat them like family.  In that case, I will eat as much as possible, argue with my waitress, and be sure to make my table area a mess.  While most of us may not be that extreme, here are some neat little tricks to treat the Olive Garden like family. 
If you are by yourself…
Well, you know how each main dish includes a soup or a salad and bread sticks? Order any dish and you get to select either soup or …

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[Oct 11, 2010 | One Comment]
10 Excuses to Avoid Paying for Your Date

We’re entering very dangerous territory here my friends.  It might as well be a field of landmines.  How, praytell, can you take someone on a date and then avoid paying the check. 
This one’s mostly for the fellas, but girls keep it in mind in case a man tries to pull this one or “go dutch”.  You may need one of these as a countersuit.  These will be specific to meals, but most can work for other dates.
 1. “Ooooh, darn.  I forgot my wallet”
A classic, but so cliché’ it’s dangerous.  Your date …

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[Sep 27, 2010 | No Comment]
Home Depot Classes are a Schnorrer’s dream come true

Who likes to play with equipment?  Who likes playing with equipment they don’t have to buy? Who here likes free dates?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, than Home Depot is for you!  Learn to to install door nobs, laminating floors, and fixing your plumbing.  How much better can a Saturday be when it doesn’t cost you anything?  Who needs to spend $12 on a movie ticket when you can play with a drill for free?  Home Depot has FREE classes to learn how to do just about …

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[Sep 22, 2010 | One Comment]
10 Fun and Free Date Activities

1. Feeding the Pigeons in your local park
2. Playing hide and seek in Home Depot
3. See who can get the fullest from the free chicken teriyaki samples at the mall food court
4. Watch a movie at Best Buy
5. Hang out in the parking lot of an outdoor concert.  Tailgating is FUN! (read the article on tailgating)
6. Finding the highest calorie item at the freezen section of your supermarket
7. Bird watching
8. See who can find the highest priced item at Wal-Mart
9. Go to the farmers market and collect cheese and fruit …

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[Aug 19, 2010 | 5 Comments]
How to Use Coupons on a Romantic Date

Let’s start by saying that there is nothing wrong with using coupons on a date. But, for whatever reason society has deemed it inappropriate when on a date. Here is what you need to do:
1. Be Calm
2. Once check arrives, hand the waiter/waitress your credit card
3. DO NOT give the waiter the coupon at this point!
4. See where the waiter is headed and tell your date that you need to use the restroom
5. Hand waiter/waitress the coupon out of view of your date
6. Presto – Dinner has been discounted
7. Walk …

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[Aug 17, 2010 | One Comment]
Suggested Donations

Remember that when you see the “word” suggested donation, that means pay what you what.   Although they raised the “suggested” admission of the Met to $20, this doesn’t mean that you need to pay that price.  Pay what you want.   They accept “suggested” donations of $1. 
I know someone who lives 2 blocks from the Museum of Natural History, and literally goes once a week, or whenever he is bored, waits in line, and pays his $1.   Plus this is a great date move…….go to the museum 15 minutes before the date starts, buy the tickets, and she’s …

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[Jun 11, 2010 | No Comment]
Free Weekend Of Art and Culture

For those of you looking for more interesting date activities, check out Figment.  As they describe it “Figment is an explosion of creative energy. It’s a free, annual celebration of participatory art and culture where everything is possible. For one weekend each summer, it transforms Governors Island into a large-scale collaborative artwork… and then it’s gone.” Having gone last year, I can say this is one of the most fun summer events in NYC. Look out for the Sculpture Garden and the Mini Golf! Here is a map and full …

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[Jun 10, 2010 | No Comment]
A night of Culture at Julliard

Your average person probably can’t tell the different between a Juilliard student or graduate.  But there is one major difference to the masses:  Student performances are usually free to attend.  The tickets are required for all performances and can be obtained at the box office beginning two weeks before the show.  A standby line forms outside the theater an hour prior to showtime.
Another Free Date Tip brought to you by Free Stuffin!

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[Jun 4, 2010 | One Comment]
Can we say FREE DRINKS in Chelsea

Whether you’re an art appreciator or not, many of us do appreciate free drinks!  Every Thursday night in Chelsea (around 27th Street in between 10th and 11th Avenue) from 6-8 pm there are various art gallery openings that have a great selection of art ranging from normal to obscure.  These galleries also offer a hidden secret; many give away free wine and beer!  This makes the Chelsea Galleries ideal for a free, sophisticated date full of art, great conversation, and free drinks!