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[Oct 16, 2013 | No Comment]
Getting Married on the Cheap

The wedding industry can be expensive.  In fact, wedding expenses are responsible for the entire credit card debt of many Asian countries.
But come on, how expensive is it to say, “I do?”  And weddings offer the perfect opportunity to lean on the goodwill of others.  It’s a wedding, after all; people have to do what you say.
Below are 11 tips for a cheaper union:
1)    Avoid the Middleman: Go to a wedding planner for an initial consultation and ask them for their recommendations for DJs, caterers, etc.  Then contact those folks …

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[Oct 16, 2013 | No Comment]
Schnorring In A Gay Bar

The U.S. Senate recently officially repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, a major achievement for our nation and our Military Forces. But those of us who know that gay people are the most FABULOUS members in our schnorring life, well, embrace your local gay function and become “Family”.
If you have never been into a gay bar, do not be afraid. These are fine people and they live life better than most. Let me give you some back-story; I was rooming with a friend in college named Joel. He was gay and …

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[Aug 7, 2011 | No Comment]
To Catch a Predator’s Wallet

A California man on Dateline NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” showed up at a house in the suburbs, hoping to have sex with an underage girl he thought he had chatted with online. Instead, he found himself handcuffed and given a court date. When the date arrived, he skipped his hearing to try to have sex with another underage girl he thought he had chatted with online. He arrived at her suburban home and again found himself handcuffed.
What does this story tell the schnorrer? That sex predators are the ideal …

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[Apr 4, 2011 | One Comment]
The Schnorrer Always Pays Last

At a group dinner in a restaurant, the Schnorrer knows how to handle himself He makes sure to be the last one to contribute to the bill once it comes. This is the equivalent of being the big blind in poker; being in the seat of power. He has gleaned from life experience that the last one who pays the bill is the one to count the money pile. More often than not, people over contribute. The $18 owed, turns into $20, the …

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[Feb 23, 2011 | No Comment]
Etiquette for the Modern-Day Hitchhiker

Hitchhiking is a lost art, practiced these days only by a few faithful burned-out purists.  However, it still can be a handy way to get around, especially in remote locales in the U.S. and widely practiced in Europe.  It is up to the adventurous schnorrer to keep the hitchhiking tradition alive.
Just like with any social occasion, there are a unique set of rules of conduct with hitchhiking.  Remember that you’re a guest in the flatbed truck with the Confederate flag bumper sticker, so try to do Emily Post or Martha …

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[Feb 14, 2011 | No Comment]

An entire sub-specialty in advanced schnorring studies revolves around techniques for eating the lion’s share of the food at restaurants while paying the gazelle’s share of the bill. But an alternative tactic relies on the intricate mathematics of check-splitting and the fair-minded equality of your dining compatriots. It also relies on timing.
Arrive at the restaurant early and head straight to the bar. Load up on drinks and appetizers. If you’re feeling daring, buy an appetizer to go and stuff it out of sight in your bag. When the rest of …

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[Jan 28, 2011 | No Comment]
The Best Time of Year to Buy Anything

One of the most useful articles found on the web from lifehacker.com – Thanks Matt for the link!
First Quarter (Jan/Feb/March)
Gas grills & air conditioners: They’re obviously off-season, but it’s not like “next year’s model” will be remarkably better or different.
Bicycles & Sporting Goods: Not only is it prime off-season pricing, you’ve got the attention of salespeople who think they’re talking to someone who’s for real about their exercise.
Furniture: It’s both a lull and a changeover for the showrooms, so find that dining room set and haggle.
Digital frames: Hey, where’d all …

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[Jan 24, 2011 | No Comment]
Craigslist – To Mooch or not to Mooch

Craigslist.com is the best internet site too mooch off of since slice bread. Don’t have enough money for a hair cut, dye or perm? Then go on the “Free” section of Craigslist where you can be a ‘head model’ – an armature beautician experiment for a grade. Want a free tattoo? Go on Craigslist. There are many tattoo artists want to try a new style of art or build up their portfolio for their businesses. Looking for a (used) leather couch, table, and baby crap? It’s on Craigslist. It’s amazing …

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[Jan 5, 2011 | No Comment]
Customer Service Department:Corporate Schnorrer

To say the corporation is the schnorrer’s best friend may seem a truism hardly worth elaborating. Its customer-is-always-right attitude and its affinity for “writeoffs” are a godsend to the freeloader. But to reach the large bills in companies’ ample wallets, the schnorrer knows you have to move beyond the storefront to the generous bureaucratic bosom that is the Customer Service Department. 
The schnorrer is always on the lookout for imperfections and irregularities in the products he buys. These flaws do not have to be major–a slightly curved baseball bat, a pair …