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[Jun 21, 2012 | No Comment]
10 Ways to Know You’re A Schnorrer, Volume 1

Free Stuffin is proud to present our readers with 10 Ways to Know You’re A Schnorrer.  No matter how you convince youself otherwise, if you perform any of these items, you are by definition A Schnorrer.
1. You fill up the 18 year old scotch bottle with Dewars so guests think they are getting the “fancy” stuff
2. You have 5 birthday dinners so that all your different groups of friends can “celebrate with you”
3. You know which neighbors have 2-ply toilet paper
4. You plan your “vacations” based on which friends or …

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[May 8, 2011 | 2 Comments]
A Guide to Couch Surfing

A carefully executed couch surfing experience can provide a person with weeks, months and possibly years of food, lodging, entertainment and, done right, romance.
There are three basic approaches to the task of getting onto the couch or into a spare room.
1. Just Got Thrown out: This could be from a parent’s house, a girlfriend/boyfriend, stale roommate situation, or through an angry landlord. The crux of this approach (truthful or not) is that you are in a bind and need a temporary favor.
2. Just Passing Through: Won’t be here …

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[Feb 17, 2011 | 3 Comments]
“Beauty is in the Eye” says The Schnorrer

When the Schnorrer goes to an ice cream emporium, he instinctively understands that it may be worth his while to forgo his turn in line in order to be served by the plumpest counter person in the store.  The Schnorrer has gleaned from life experience that a chubby person serves ice cream to others as he would serve unto himself—large, overflowing scoops, extra whipped cream, more nuts and an auxiliary cherry or two.  To be an accomplished Schnorrer is to realize that character is destiny.
Who is the Schnorrer?
Who knows what …

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[Feb 14, 2011 | No Comment]

An entire sub-specialty in advanced schnorring studies revolves around techniques for eating the lion’s share of the food at restaurants while paying the gazelle’s share of the bill. But an alternative tactic relies on the intricate mathematics of check-splitting and the fair-minded equality of your dining compatriots. It also relies on timing.
Arrive at the restaurant early and head straight to the bar. Load up on drinks and appetizers. If you’re feeling daring, buy an appetizer to go and stuff it out of sight in your bag. When the rest of …

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[Feb 1, 2011 | No Comment]
Sneak Attack Cigarette Variety Packs

Any nicotine fiend surely knows that cigarette prices are through the roof, but knowledge alone is never enough to crush your craving.  Fortunately, this situation can usually be saved by simply asking your fellow smokers for a kick-down.  Bumming is by far the most widely accepted way to Schnorr a smoke.  In fact, most smokers have probably turned to it at least once in their life.  The true Schnorrer, however, manages to turn it into an art form. 
1.  Choose your hunting grounds.  To maximize your potential earnings you are going …

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[Jan 28, 2011 | No Comment]
The Best Time of Year to Buy Anything

One of the most useful articles found on the web from lifehacker.com – Thanks Matt for the link!
First Quarter (Jan/Feb/March)
Gas grills & air conditioners: They’re obviously off-season, but it’s not like “next year’s model” will be remarkably better or different.
Bicycles & Sporting Goods: Not only is it prime off-season pricing, you’ve got the attention of salespeople who think they’re talking to someone who’s for real about their exercise.
Furniture: It’s both a lull and a changeover for the showrooms, so find that dining room set and haggle.
Digital frames: Hey, where’d all …

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[Jan 5, 2011 | No Comment]
Customer Service Department:Corporate Schnorrer

To say the corporation is the schnorrer’s best friend may seem a truism hardly worth elaborating. Its customer-is-always-right attitude and its affinity for “writeoffs” are a godsend to the freeloader. But to reach the large bills in companies’ ample wallets, the schnorrer knows you have to move beyond the storefront to the generous bureaucratic bosom that is the Customer Service Department. 
The schnorrer is always on the lookout for imperfections and irregularities in the products he buys. These flaws do not have to be major–a slightly curved baseball bat, a pair …

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[Dec 31, 2010 | No Comment]
New Year’s Resolution: More For ME!

Here we go again. Another year is almost over. For a lot of people it symbolizes a fresh start and a clean slate. In reality, January 1 is an entirely arbitrary date, but that has never stopped your friends or anyone else from waiting until now to make positive changes in their life.
But with everyone trying to make changes for the better, a natural support network can emerge. So why not help your friends along while making some changes of your own? This is a once a year opportunity to …

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[Dec 29, 2010 | 2 Comments]
Leverage Coffee for a Carne Asada ‘Chelada

You got this one; I get the next one. No, you get the . . . I’ll get . . . you get—STOP!
Next time you’re out with a friend or acquaintance leap at the first opportunity to treat them to a cup of coffee or a stale muffin from the day-old bin beside the register. In the politics of You Buy This, I Buy That, it’s important to establish that you’re neither a mooch nor a schnorr. Although of course, you’re both. But you must first establish yourself as generous, …