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[ Written By : Guest | Apr 24, 2011 ]Tell-a-Friend Tell-a-Friend Print This Post Print This Post
How to Confront a Cheapskate

Even though our stated mission as a Schnorrer is to spend as little possible, we of necessity  will encounter others with the same mission. Yeah, I know that everyone does this but a cheapskate can go to extremes. Maybe for projects, it’s you who buys and gets everything. Or maybe its you who has to treat him/her every time you guys go to your restaurants, AND for it to be an expensive one too?
Here is an article showing a Schnorrer how to confront your cheapskate opponent and let him/her know …

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[ Written By : The Schnorrer | Mar 11, 2011 ]Tell-a-Friend Tell-a-Friend Print This Post Print This Post
Pie Filling First, then the Crust

Dear Schnorrer,
Living with a family of schnorring men (I have 4 sons), there is one schnorr that drives me nuts.  Whenever I make or buy a dessert pie, someone thinks they are so smart, and eats filling thinking that I won’t notice that pie has been eaten since the crust is still intact. Your responses are very clever, so I hope you can help here.
Dear Barbara:
Thanks for putting your faith in The Schnorrer.  Schnorring is an action that which falls out of the field of accepted norms. What you describe …

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[ Written By : Guest | Oct 22, 2010 ]Tell-a-Friend Tell-a-Friend Print This Post Print This Post
Blackberry Out of Battery App

This is an actual blackberry app called Out of Battery. A schnorrer’s delight.  They don’t mention it, but you can also use it when you are low on minutes and want to bum your friend’s phone.
Someone wants to borrow your BlackBerry® but you don’t know how to say no? Don’t worry, OutOfBattery can display on your screen an empty battery with just one click.
When to use OutOfBattery:
You and your friend’s are at a party, and one of them asks you if he can borrow your cool BlackBerry device to make …

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[ Written By : The Schnorrer | Sep 25, 2010 ]Tell-a-Friend Tell-a-Friend Print This Post Print This Post
Co-Worker is Eating My Lunch from Refrigerator – Help!

Dear Schnorrer,
 A coworker from our building has been taking and eating people’s lunch from the office refrigerator.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s leftover chicken or a sandwich, it is eaten.  It’s not only me who this is happening to.  Other people on our floor have been having their lunches taken as well.  What do we do?
Dear Ann,
The SCHNORRER has a three step program to counter the classic refrigerator schnorr.
1-First, build a hearty hard roll sandwich to tantalize the culprit. The bread should be copiously lubricated  with vegetabled oil and mayonnaise. …

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[ Written By : The Schnorrer | Sep 15, 2010 ]Tell-a-Friend Tell-a-Friend Print This Post Print This Post
The Schnorrer becomes the Schnorree

Dear Schnorrer,
Just wanted to share this story to get some insights.  One of my good friend who lives out in San Diego came to NYC on a business trip. When he told me that he was coming here, he asked if we could meet up.  To which I thought……yes, a free dinner.  I know how business trips and expense accounts work; you get to use the company card.
My friend tells me he is in the mood for steak and tells me to meet him at Smith & Wollensky, a very …