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[Nov 20, 2011 | No Comment]
Whole Foods Line Schnorring

My wife had purchased chicken for dinner to prepare at Whole Foods, and when she opened it, realized it was bad.  She sent me back to Whole Foods, and went straight up the customer service line, where there was one woman in front of me.  She returned a box of cereal, and the customer service rep asked if she would like cash back or exchange.  The woman said she would like to exchange for her order.
She then proceeded to ring up around 40 items worth over $250, applying the $5.49 …

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[Apr 7, 2011 | 2 Comments]
How to Negotiate with a Street Vendor

One of my pet peeves is when the food cart vendors start hiking up their prices, and ripping me off.  I was more than willing to pay $1 for that snapple, but $1.25 is no longer an option.  Or the $2.25 hot dog.  They freakin pay no rent, so give me a break.
One thing that I’ve noticed is these vendors like to hoard change like it’s their crack stash.  Them giving out change is like breaking the code on street vendorship….it’s the 2nd commandment.  First one is never change the hot dog …

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[Mar 17, 2011 | 2 Comments]
Free Games at Gamestop

Video games have influenced many things in our culture. Music, movies, fashion, other video games, everything (aside from all the stuff that isn’t covered). If your age falls anywhere between the classification of small male child and large old male child, you probably have an extensive video game collection and a super specific memory of moving pixels. Sadly, video games are expensive, and a good one can run you about 60 dollars or more. Thankfully, you can buy used games, but even those are expensive.
Game stop, because they often do …

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[Feb 4, 2011 | No Comment]
DANGER —Suggested Donation Events—DANGER

The Suggested Donation Event is a baited operation that has the potential of exposing a schnorrer’s motives, and, in turn, damaging their reputation.
A schnorrer with a bad reputation is called a Mooch, and, say it with me, once a mooch, always a mooch! After an undesirable exposure, the schnorrer must uproot, say farewell, and find a new habitat to start anew. Humans are an unforgiving bunch.
If you find yourself drawn to a Suggested Donation Event, I strongly advise you to consider the following:
1.)   Either have the Suggested Amount of Donation …

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[Jan 28, 2011 | No Comment]
The Best Time of Year to Buy Anything

One of the most useful articles found on the web from lifehacker.com – Thanks Matt for the link!
First Quarter (Jan/Feb/March)
Gas grills & air conditioners: They’re obviously off-season, but it’s not like “next year’s model” will be remarkably better or different.
Bicycles & Sporting Goods: Not only is it prime off-season pricing, you’ve got the attention of salespeople who think they’re talking to someone who’s for real about their exercise.
Furniture: It’s both a lull and a changeover for the showrooms, so find that dining room set and haggle.
Digital frames: Hey, where’d all …

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[Dec 15, 2010 | 4 Comments]
Getting Something For Nothing At Work

If you are one of the millions of Americans who work a lackluster job with an evil boss, here are some ways to get back at The Man.
Follow these simple rules and you will feel more accomplished as a member of the work force.
WASTE TIME: Be late to everything, but not too late. Be slow to task, but not too slow. Shave a minute or two off everything you do. Pretend you are mentally vacant, but not totally retarded. The key is to keep the workday waning. The less time …

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[Dec 10, 2010 | 5 Comments]
The Art of Haggling

Ladies and Gentlemen, these here are the tried and true rules of haggling.  We must express caution, as it will lead to excitement and adrenalin pumping through your body.
1.  Stop caring what people think of you.
Many people hesitate to haggle because they don’t want to seem cheap or argumentative. But are you really willing to pay top dollar just so you can preserve the esteem of total strangers? You’re only meeting them this once, and you’ll probably never meet them again.
Even if you’re shopping with people you know, they might …

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[Dec 6, 2010 | 3 Comments]
The Top 10 Secrets of All-You-Can-Eat Dining

What’s a normal dinner out? An appetizer, an entree, maybe some drinks, and double that if you’re on a date. So why pay retail? With this simple guide to the all you can eat, stop noshing and start fressing like a schnorrer!
1) Be hungry
This goes without saying, right? But watch the buffet line — those folks who can only manage thirds or fourths, those are the chumps who stuffed themselves with Doritos on the way over. Eat a big, starchy breakfast, then just drink water the rest of the day. …

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[Nov 15, 2010 | 2 Comments]
Employment Twofers

Working is a necessary evil for most of us to get by (if you’re one of the lucky few who works no hours per week and still maintains some semblance of a comfortable life – this doesn’t mean Cinnamon Toast Crunch 3 meals a day – kudos to you).  Luckily, there’s a plethora of jobs out there that offer some enticing free perks, saving some dollars and making it that much less painful to go to work.  Whatever you desire to scrape together for free, there’s a job out there …