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Free Stuffin is a guide to the art and science of getting something for nothing– one of humanity’s eternal quests.  The site offers a treasure-trove of practical suggestions as to how, when and where its readers can get more than they deserve.

Moreover, it provides, via the commentary of the Schnorrer, an education in achieving a mindset that guarantees both fun and profit.  Free Stuffin is all about taking advantage of information and finessing the angles to give its readers a better shot of coming out on top–of either mountains or mole hills.

How did Free Stuffin Start?

April 22, 2009 was when the concept for Free Stuffin arrived.   On that fateful day, walking the mean streets of Manhattan with my friend Dave, I mentioned that I wanted to grab a coffee at Starbucks.  He told me that I was wasting money and walked into a Capital One bank with two coffees “on the house.”  I asked how he did that, to which he replied, “you get free coffee in all the branches.” (he’s not a customer).  I then found out that Starbucks has 50 cent refills on coffee.  The best part is how would they know if it’s refill number 1 or 100?  Needless to say, you will never have to pay more than 50 cents for Starbucks.

I shared with my friend Nancy these discoveries and she told me to meet her by Times Square.  She had me practice a thick German accent, and little did I know, we were going to hit the hotels with free continental breakfasts.  “If someone asks for your room number, just yell something in German”.  Presto……..brunch is served.

I told my friends that I wanted to start a site that teaches people the art of “schnorring” as my people call it.  They all thought it was a complete waste of time and energy, but amazingly enough, one of them knew a man who shared the same appreciation for the art of schnorring as I did, Ed Goodgold.  He is also credited with popularizing the word “trivia”.  Look it up on Wikepedia. And the rest is history.

This world is filled with schnorrers, and they don’t get their respect.  It’s not about clipping coupons, but rather a lifestyle and art form.  As Ed puts it best “Getting something for nothing is one of the most exhilarating feelings life has to offer. It’s like cheating the laws of nature.  Newton’s first law for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction is suspended when you get something you absolutely do not deserve”.

This site aims to form community around this appreciation.  We are always looking for tips and for readers to get involved.  Schnorring is universal, and everyone has their techniques.  Let’s be proud of our Schnorring, and FREE STUFFIN FOR ALL!

Yours Truly
-Gregg, Founder and Creator of Free Stuffin

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