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Getting Married on the Cheap

Written By : Guest October 16, 2013 No Comment
Getting Married on the Cheap

The wedding industry can be expensive.  In fact, wedding expenses are responsible for the entire credit card debt of many Asian countries.

But come on, how expensive is it to say, “I do?”  And weddings offer the perfect opportunity to lean on the goodwill of others.  It’s a wedding, after all; people have to do what you say.

Below are 11 tips for a cheaper union:

1)    Avoid the Middleman: Go to a wedding planner for an initial consultation and ask them for their recommendations for DJs, caterers, etc.  Then contact those folks directly.

2)    Stack the Guest List with Pros: Invite “friends” to your wedding who have wedding skills (graphic designers for invitations, chefs for catering, etc.) and ask them to help out as their wedding present.

3)    Earn Extra Cash on the Big Day! Come up with as many obscure multicultural traditions as possible that involve people throwing money at you.

4)    Greasy Rehearsal Dinner: If you have to spring for a rehearsal dinner or group meal, take them to a cheap fast-food joint and make up a story of why it is a special place for you and your betrothed.

5)    Vulture Dress Shopping: If you hear of a friend or an acquaintance who has broken off an engagement, swoop in to buy up any engagement rings, wedding dresses, etc., at distressed sale prices.

6)    Cut and Paste Wedding Album: Find really good wedding photos online and photoshop your heads in for the bride and groom, bride and bride, groom and groom, etc.

7)    They’re Playing Our Song! Get married near an outdoor concert and then just pretend the great act that’s playing is for your reception.

8)    Threaten Bridezilla: If anyone refuses to pay for something for the wedding, just tell them that the bride is really, really, really upset.

9)    Sloppy Seconds: Make arrangements with a large caterer to take any leftovers from other weddings the day before.

10)   What’s That Lingering Taste in the Wine? Definitely make sure to consolidate all leftover wine into a second-helping bottle or two.

11)  A Bad Destination:  Have the wedding in a place no one wants to go, so they’ll just send you the money instead.  Why have the wedding in the Bahamas when you can have it in Podunk, Tennessee?

By: Craig

Craig is a pen-name for Craig.  His first marriage didn’t work out that well.


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