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10 Ways to Know You’re A Schnorrer, Volume 1

Written By : Gregg June 21, 2012 No Comment
10 Ways to Know You’re A Schnorrer, Volume 1

Free Stuffin is proud to present our readers with 10 Ways to Know You’re A Schnorrer.  No matter how you convince youself otherwise, if you perform any of these items, you are by definition A Schnorrer.

1. You fill up the 18 year old scotch bottle with Dewars so guests think they are getting the “fancy” stuff

2. You have 5 birthday dinners so that all your different groups of friends can “celebrate with you”

3. You know which neighbors have 2-ply toilet paper

4. You plan your “vacations” based on which friends or family live in what cities

5. You eat loose grapes at the supermarket

6. You have lunch at the mall by circling the food court, feasting on the free samples

7. You invite a “friend” to a party so they can be the designated driver and you have them bring the beer

8. You go to the department store before a big night out so you can get your makeup done for free

9. You know that 17 sugar packets equal a half cup, and it takes 22 soy sauce packets to marinate a flank steak

10. You order a soda at the “all you can eat” sushi place and have your friends sneak food to you

This is Volume 1, with many more to come. If your submission makes it to the list, you get a free gift worthy to the Schnorrer. Email schnorrer@freestuffin.com


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