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Whole Foods Line Schnorring

Written By : Gregg November 20, 2011 No Comment
Whole Foods Line Schnorring

My wife had purchased chicken for dinner to prepare at Whole Foods, and when she opened it, realized it was bad.  She sent me back to Whole Foods, and went straight up the customer service line, where there was one woman in front of me.  She returned a box of cereal, and the customer service rep asked if she would like cash back or exchange.  The woman said she would like to exchange for her order.

She then proceeded to ring up around 40 items worth over $250, applying the $5.49 credit of the cereal.  In doing so, she avoided the 30 minute 7PM Whole Foods line.

When I was up next, I gave the woman my chicken and said I’d be back in 10 minutes.  I came back with a round of shopping, bypassing the entire line.

The Schnorr:  When at Whole Foods, always buy one extra item you don’t need.  Next time you go shopping, goto the customer service line (where there is no wait) and pay there, of couse, applying your return.


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