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The Schnorrer Always Pays Last

Written By : The Schnorrer April 4, 2011 One Comment
The Schnorrer Always Pays Last

At a group dinner in a restaurant, the Schnorrer knows how to handle himself He makes sure to be the last one to contribute to the bill once it comes. This is the equivalent of being the big blind in poker; being in the seat of power. He has gleaned from life experience that the last one who pays the bill is the one to count the money pile. More often than not, people over contribute. The $18 owed, turns into $20, the $27 owned to $30 . Most people don’t carry singles, and pay with the larger bills they have at hand. When it’s the Schnorrers turn to pay, he is able to take advantage of the overpayment by his companions thereby reducing his share of the bill. Handling the moneys with the deftness of a croupier, no one will suspect that he has underpaid

When the Scnorrer goes out to eat with people he knows like to split the bill, he goes to town. Five course meal with wine of choice.

“who knows what schnorring lurks in the hearts of men? the Shnorrer knows!”

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