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Free Games at Gamestop

Written By : Matt March 17, 2011 2 Comments
Free Games at Gamestop

Video games have influenced many things in our culture. Music, movies, fashion, other video games, everything (aside from all the stuff that isn’t covered). If your age falls anywhere between the classification of small male child and large old male child, you probably have an extensive video game collection and a super specific memory of moving pixels. Sadly, video games are expensive, and a good one can run you about 60 dollars or more. Thankfully, you can buy used games, but even those are expensive.

Game stop, because they often do not take their customers seriously enough, has instilled a policy that allows us to game, basically for free (if you have the heart). The rule is this, if you buy any used game, you can return it in under 7 days for a free refund. That’s like getting a five pound steak for free because you ate it in under an hour. Sure, it’s difficult, but it’s fulfilling (and meaty). Often, two weeks after a game is released, someone will have beaten it and w ould have traded it in for credit. Use their fanaticism a guideline for yours. Use the fifty five dollars that you will have put down as an incentive to not go outside, and instead live in a much more fulfilling digital world.


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