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The Schnorrer becomes the Schnorree

Posted By The Schnorrer On September 15, 2010 @ 3:09 pm In Ask the Schnorrer,Counter-Schnorr,Headline | No Comments

Dear Schnorrer,

Just wanted to share this story to get some insights.  One of my good friend who lives out in San Diego came to NYC on a business trip. When he told me that he was coming here, he asked if we could meet up.  To which I thought……yes, a free dinner.  I know how business trips and expense accounts work; you get to use the company card.

My friend tells me he is in the mood for steak and tells me to meet him at Smith & Wollensky, a very high end eatery.  I was jumping up and down in excitement……I’m gonna get a $75 dinner.  The waiter comes and my friend gets the porterhouse, 2 sides, and wine.  I do the same, not wanting to insult my friend from out of town.  We even get a dessert afterward…some NYC cheesecake.

The bill comes and my friend puts down his corporate card as expected, and I gesture to pay my half, similar to what woman do on dates – you don’t really mean it.  He doesn’t respond, so I take out my wallet, and he sees I have some 20′s there, so he points for me to take out 4 of them.  He takes the $80′s and immediately puts them in his pocket and pays for the whole meal on his company account.

It all happened so quickly, and I didn’t have time to argue after it happened, I just wanted to leave.

Schnorrer, is this worth fighting over?




As the expression goes, it takes one to know one.  Your friend clearly outschnorred you.  Since you are now friends, I suggest taking your next family vacation in San Diego at your schnorrers house.  And don’t be shy about eating from his fridge.  This is what we call the counterschnorr.

The Schnorrer

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