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Never Pay for Extras

Posted By Guest On September 9, 2010 @ 7:48 am In Beating the System,Headline | 2 Comments

By Ben

Never ever pay for extras when at a restaurant!  I happen to love peanut sauce with my pad tai, but so many places are just cheap.  They want to charge you extra for “extras”.  This includes peanut sauce, sauteed onions, extra salad dressing, tomato sauce, and many others.  Here is the way around it.

When you walk into the place and are ready to order, tell the staff that you want “the usual”.  At this point, they will look at you strangely, and rightfully so.  Who is this strange person asking for the usual?  So now you’ve established that you have been here before.  Now ask for the peanut sauce.  If they want to charge you extra, say “I come here all the time, and I’m never charged for it”.  This will usually do the trick.

If your staff is a pain in the ass, tell them that you would like to have you another waiter because “i’m never charged for this.  This isn’t how your treat a customer”. Your Peanut sauce will be delivered at no charge.  As will any extra items you want!

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