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FREE Department Store Makeup Advice

Posted By Frugalina On September 20, 2010 @ 7:56 am In Beating the System,Shopping | No Comments

Hi there nifty thrifties, I’m Frugalina! Nice to meet you, my new frugal friends! I’m a single young professional chica in NYC. I have a tiny studio apartment, a day job that I like but hasn’t as yet given me the opportunity to roll around on piles of money on my bed and drink Cristal with rubies floating in the glass (in this economy, I’m grateful to have a job!), and a busy social calendar. I’m a girly girl, and I adore cosmetics. I won’t even leave my itty bitty apartment without a good dollop of dolling up.

There is a common misconception that department store makeup is better than drug store makeup. That designer brand makeup is automatically better than Maybelline and Cover Girl based on the name of the designer brand and how much it costs (A LOT.) Sephora even has its own line of cosmetics, which is supposedly less expensive than the high end luxury cosmetics they offer right in the next aisle, but the Sephora in-house brand can easily burn some nasty holes in the Kenneth Cole wallet you got at Filene’s for $10.

Bottom line, most of what you’re paying for with department store makeup, is the packaging and the cache of the brand name, not quality, and not even the ability to create some fantastic look that can only be created using overpriced designer makeup purchased at the counters of Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and not even from the aisles of Sephora (sounds like a new vacation spot in the Mediterranean –The Aisles of Sephora. Truthfully, if you keep buying cosmetics full price at any of these places, you may never be able to afford a trip to the Mediterranean, ne c’est pas?)

But there is something that is absolutely free at department store makeup counters – professional makeup advice and instruction! You can learn all sorts of tricks of the makeup artist’s trade for free from the oh-so helpful makeup salespeople.

Keep in mind though, that yes, they ARE salespeople. They are going to try to sell you something. So, before you approach the counter or the Lancome aisle in Sephora, you must prepare yourself and get into The Stingy Zone. You must brace yourself for all potential assaults on your credit card bill and ATM balance. The makeup counter ladies and gentlemen will use every single one of their Jedi mind tricks, including flattery, fussing and fawning all over you and the pleather shoulder bag you bought from a street vendor to get you to buy the creamy ambrosial goo they are smearing on your eyelids, lips and cheeks.

But if you are strong, and full of the steely determination that Schnorrers and Schnorrettes possess to not pay one single unnecessary red cent, silver nickel or dime, then you can reap the benefits of having a makeup artist personally teach you how to make yourself look fabulous, for FREE, and without slapping down cash or plastic for even one square of expensive eye shadow.

I did this recently at Lord & Taylor, did not purchase anything, but with my new knowledge of how to accentuate my eyebrows, I marched right over to Duane Reade, and paid $4 for a Wet N’ Wild brow kit, which included an adorable bonus pair of baby tweezers. And my eyebrows are pin-up worthy!

Stay pretty and solvent!

Yours Thriftily,

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