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Cheap Movie Tickets – Time Bandits

Posted By The Schnorrer On September 19, 2010 @ 9:58 am In Beating the System,Headline,THE SCHNORRER | No Comments

Do you know what they charge for a ticket at the movies these days?  A small pop corn?  An ice filled two sip coke?  It costs a mint and not a junior one at that.  It’s so prohibitively expensive to have to subsidize Tom Cruise’s career that the Schnorrer has taken his gloves off and begun to fight back. This is his cinematic credo:
Not everyone can transform themselves into Iron Man.  But, with access to buy tickets online or at a an automatic kiosk at the theater, everybody has the power to change themselves into a senior citizen.  The beauty of this transformation lies in the callowness of youthful ticket-takers.  To these kids, everyone looks old.  Wrinkle your brow and your a dead wringer for an old codger.  Walk in coughing and you’re on medicare.  And make sure to bring  your own refreshments.  A powerful ripe cheese is not only tasty, but also guarantees a level of privacy at the theatre.  Who would want to sit next to an old Gorgonzola eater?

The Schnorrer Strikes again!

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