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10 Fun and Free Date Activities

Posted By Gregg On September 22, 2010 @ 11:20 am In Mr. Cheap Date Guy,Schnorring | 1 Comment

1. Feeding the Pigeons in your local park

2. Playing hide and seek in Home Depot

3. See who can get the fullest from the free chicken teriyaki samples at the mall food court

4. Watch a movie at Best Buy

5. Hang out in the parking lot of an outdoor concert.  Tailgating is FUN! (read the article on tailgating [1])

6. Finding the highest calorie item at the freezen section of your supermarket

7. Bird watching

8. See who can find the highest priced item at Wal-Mart

9. Go to the farmers market and collect cheese and fruit samples for a picnic

10. Have “karaoke night” with one of the headsets at your local record store

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